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Income Tax Act by Taxmann Publications

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This book covers the Amended, Updated & Annotated text of the Income-tax Act, Finance Act 2022 & Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2021.


The recent changes in the Income-tax Act, 1961 are as follows:


[Insertion] of 10+ new sections

[Important New Sections] include:

Taxation of Virtual Digital Asset (VDA)

TDS u/s 194S on the transfer of VDAs

TDS u/s 194R on Benefits or Perquisites

Updated Returns

Tax relief for COVID related compensation received from employers & well-wishers

[Amendments] in 70+ sections

[Important Amendments] include:

New provisions for Faceless Assessment & Reassessment

Changes in surcharge rate on long-term capital gain, AOPs & co-operative societies

Change in provisions relating to the taxation of charitable trust and institutions

Filing of application before AO to get the refund of tax deducted from the payment made to non-resident

Increase in the scope of reporting obligation cast on producers of cinematograph films

The Present Publication is the 67th Edition and amended by the Finance Act 2022 & the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2021. This book is authored by Taxmann's Editorial Board, with the following noteworthy features:


[Coverage] of this book includes:

Division One – Income-tax Act, 1961

Arrangement of Sections

Text of the Income-tax Act, 1961 as amended by the Finance Act, 2022 and Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2021

Appendix: Text of provisions of Allied Acts/Circulars/Regulations referred to in Income-tax Act

Validation Provisions

Subject Index

Division Two – Finance Act, 2022 and Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2021

[Annotations] under each section shows:

Relevant Rules & Forms

Relevant Circulars & Notifications

Date of enforcement of provisions

Allied Laws referred to in the section

[Legislative History of Amendments] since 1961

Comprehensive Table of Contents

[Quick Navigation] Relevant section numbers are printed in folios for quick navigation

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Dr Vinod K. Singhania got his PhD from the Delhi School of Economics in 1976. His field of special interest includes all facets of corporate legislation and corporate economics, especially tax laws.

Associated in different capacities with several professional institutes and business houses in India and abroad, Dr Singhania has authored many popular books and software published by Taxmann.

He has to his credit more than 300 research articles that have appeared in leading journals. He has been a resource person in over 800 seminars in India and abroad.

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