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Combo of Income Tax Act, Rules and Direct Tax Reckoner by Taxmann Publications

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These books, authored by Taxmann's Editorial Board & Dr Vinod K. Singhania, are a COMBO for the following books on Direct Tax Laws:

Taxmann's Income Tax Act | 67th Edition | 2022

Taxmann's Income Tax Rules | 59th Edition | 2022

Taxmann's Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner | 46th Edition | A.Y. 2022-23 & 2023-24

This Combo is for Direct Taxes by Taxmann's Editorial Board & Dr Vinod K. Singhania. It includes three books, namely Income Tax Act, Income Tax Rules & Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner. The Act covers the amended, updated & annotated text of the Income-tax Act 1961, Finance Act 2022 & Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2021. The Rules covers amended, updated & annotated text of the Income-tax Rules and 20+ Allied Rules. Reckoner is a ready-referencer for all provisions of the Income-tax Act, covering illustrative commentary on the Finance Bill 2022.

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Dr. Vinod K. Sighania

Dr Vinod K. Singhania got his PhD from the Delhi School of Economics in 1976. His field of special interest includes all facets of corporate legislation and corporate economics, especially tax laws.

Associated in different capacities with several professional institutes and business houses in India and abroad, Dr Singhania has authored many popular books and software published by Taxmann.

He has to his credit more than 300 research articles that have appeared in leading journals. He has been a resource person in over 800 seminars in India and abroad.

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